Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key Generator + Activation Method [Crack 2019]

Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key Generator For 32 & 64 Bit 100% Working

Windows 8.1 Product Key Generator Full Cracked 2019 Free [32 & 64 Bit]

About Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key Generator Full:

Windows 8.1 Pro is the application of operating system. It the version of window 8 with high quality of window’s features. It can work on 32 bit and 64 bit operating system. It is time saving for activation. Windows 8.1 is very easy to use . It is full with high features of application. Windows 8.1 has many different kind of versions which are updated now like windows 8.1 ultimate, windows 8.1 Home, windows 8.1 Pro, windows 8.1 Enterprise and some other kind of versions of this window application are updated. The main function of windows 8.1 is to generate the operating system.

Window 8.1 Pro is very effective and best for user. It has many features Window 8.1 improved the the functionality and performance of window 8.1 in this version. This version of windows application is user friendly . Windows 8.1 has attractive interface. Almost Interface of all versions of windows 8 is same and it is very easy and helpful for user to use.

Difference between Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro?

About Window 8.1:

Window 8.1 is home user application it is not for the business because its features are core features. It is best for home user. Window 8.1 has to go direct access, branch cache and window 8 application development features .

About Window 8.1 Pro:

Window 8.1 is the business user application. It is the operating system that work as the small size businesses. Business feature is the new feature that is added in this version of window 8.1. It require server running windows server 2012.

Why it is Necessary to Activate Windows ?

If you use the window 8.1 pro on PC then window must be licensed. For licensed window  it is so costly and everyone can not purchase the license keys so you must use the working license key for the activation of your windows in PC. It is very helpful and everyone can afford these keys. When you install the windows in your PC after the installation you must need the activation product keys. If you can find the genuine key then you also find the working product key for the activation of window which are free for the user.

Windows 8.1 Pro Key Features:

  • Window 8.1 pro is full of features it provide the product key for the installation of window on your PC.
  • It provides the facility to posting Skype bill.
  • Skype is automatically sign in on window 8.1 Pro.
  • If you use the window 8.1 Pro version then you can switch easily on PC.
  • It is designed as  touch screen devices can use it easily .
  • The important function this tool is that it provides user some software that are install automatically with window like Skype, Audio player, video player and image audience.
  • It control the electric power because it allow to the operating system that it run at slow rate.
  • It provide the new and technical features   for user free to use.
  • It include the PC management tools.
  • It is also available for large companies to buy it work as medium size businesses.
  • This windows has bit locker which protect the hard derive data. User will be lock the hard derive and protect the data from others.
  • It allow for booting Virtual hard disk which are create for testing apps and testing the version of operating system.
  • window 8.1 Pro built an antivirus program which can be used to protect the data from any kind of virus.

Where Product Key is located in your Device ?

  • If you purchased your PC and window 8.1 Pro is already installed in your PC and you don’t know the product key of your Window then you see that the product key will be written on the CPU of your PC.
  • Product key is the combination of 25 characters these characters are include alphabets and numbers , alphabets are must be in capital letter.Product Key is placed in different places in your PC. When user get the window 8.1 its depend on user where he want to be placed.
  • When you purchased your PC from the Dealer it must be important you ask the product key of this windows from the dealer.
  • If you install window 8.1 Pro in your PC by the DVD and CD then you use product Key which is placed on the cover page of DVD and CD.
  • If any user forget product key and key is misplaced then user should use the application key finder by this application user can easily find the product key and can activate the window 8.1 pro.
  • When you install the window online from internet you must be received the product key by email.

What’s New Added in the Window 8.1 Pro?

Window 8.1 has many new features that make it easy to use and very helpful for user.

  • In this window new video payers are added user can use different video players and enjoy them.
  • Also added the New music applications. user can enjoy music with new different technologies which are in this window.
  • It is designed as it use for small and medium businesses .
  • In this window Skype is installed by default and users get benefit for their business they can call each other to solve the problems about their business through Skype.
  • Internet explorer system is added in this window and google chrome is installed by default in window 8.1 Pro.
  • Interface of this window is very attractive and user friendly.

Using Product Key for Window 8.1 Pro Activation:

If you install the window 8.1 on your PC and during installation you face any issue about the activation key you should follow the steps which are given in the below:

  • You should must be close all the Currently open programs before starting the activation window.
  • You should be uninstall the software of antivirus if it is install in your PC because with the any antivirus window 8.1 Pro can not be activate properly , So must be deactivate the antivirus before the activation of Window 8.1 Pro.
  • Your internet connection must be in offline mode because in the activation mode of internet service, activation process can not done perfectly.
  • You should  be launch the window 8.1 pro activator in your device because without activator window can not activate.
  • you can select the language what you want but English is perfect for every windows installation and it is default option in the window.
  • You must be complete process and fulfill all requirements  by following all the instruction.
  • Install the private connection analog side if it is possible.
  • After complete the process of activation restart your device and wait for the activate Window.
  • Now enjoy the features of window 8.1.

Windows 8.1 Professional Keys List 2019:

Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key For 32 Bit :








Windows 8.1 Pro Product Key For 64-Bit:








Windows 8.1 Pro Serial Key List:







Windows 8.1 Pro Activation Key 2019:




System Requirements:

System requirements are the configuration that a system must have in order for a hardware or software application to run smoothly and efficiently. You must be follow these requirements for running the window 8.1 Pro. system requirements are given in bellow.

  • Must be required 2 GB RAM in your PC for the installation of window 8.1 Pro
  • You should be required 16 GB hard disk space for 32 bit and 20 GB hard disk space for 64 bit.
  • Must be required Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver graphics card.
  • Processor must be 1GHz.
  • Screen resolution must be required 800 x 600 pixels.
  • Required WiFi adapter that support WiFi device directly.

How to Install Window 8.1 Pro?

For installation you internet connection must be strong If you install the window from internet. If you install the window from DVD follow the given steps:

  • Turn on your PC and insert the DVD in CD-ROM and shut down your PC.
  • Restart your PC and press any key from you PC to boot from DVD. If you restart your PC and your current version of Windows starts, you must be delete the old version when your PC is restart.
  • Select the language and click the next button.
  • Click the install now to start the process of installation of window 8.1 Pro.
  • Enter the product key and click on next button for the next process.
  • Read the instructions carefully and Accept the license Term and click on next button.
  • Now 2 options of installation type are there Custom  and Upgrade you select any option that you want.
  • Delete all the partitions that are exit in the PC one partition delete at one time select the partition and click on delete.
  • Now press the Ok button.
  • Click on New Add and select the size of all partition.
  • Window will create another partition to store system files.
  • You should Select one partition and click the “Format”  link to perform format of partition
  • During the installation you must confirm the process. Press the OK button . If you want the Partition of all derives then Format other partitions.
  • Select the partition where you want to install Window 8.1 to and click the “Next” button.
  • Windows 8.1 is being installed and it will require some reboots during the process of installation.
  • Follow the  instructions strictly which are display in onscreen to personalize your computer settings.
  • Windows 8.1 is now installed successfully.

Note:  Hope keys will work for you, if you face any problem regarding activation of this windows then please contact us. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.

Visual Studio 2019 Crack Final with Product Key All Editions {Win+Mac}

Visual Studio 2019 Crack with Product Key + Serial Key For Lifetime

Visual Studio 2019 Crack Final with Product Key All Editions {Win+Mac}

Visual Studio 2019 Crack For Windows:

When it comes to write a code or create from beginning then it is a tough task to do. You need a platform which helps you to write code with ease and in an understandable way. Visual Studio have everything you are looking for, it will help you creating a code that you never have created before. It gives complete accuracy with code writing. All you have to do is just give it a command and it will do the rest for you. Visual Studio 2019 Crack gives you best suggestion that can be helpful for you to create any code. It has lot of new features which offers complete guide plus help with writing codes. If you wanna create a code that should be different and unique from others then use this software. When you call for any function then it will suggest you the best suited functions that can be matched with your code. It corrects all mistakes automatically. It detects if there is any mistake occur during writing code and notify you about it instantly.

If you have azure environment already installed on your system and your local machine is unable to connect debugger with azure then use one of it’s feature which is cloud explorer. Cloud explorer will connect the debugger of visual studio with Azure environment which can help you correct the errors which occur after running the code.


Visual Studio 2019 Crack For Mac:

Visual Studio also supports Mac operating system so it is easy for mac users to get benefit from it by using it’s amazing features. Writing a code in time is necessary for a programmer but other code writer can’t guarantee you efficient writing. This software can ensure you the accuracy of code and less time consuming. It helps you writing code speedily and in less time. When you start typing it automatically complete the word you are going to write.

There is an amazing feature available in this software which is Squiggly, it will let you notice all issues during typing and let you correct them instantly. If you wanna inspect the API definitions in details then you can use it’s another feature which is Quick info tool tips, this feature will give you complete information about API’s. If you are looking for a platform that can write your code in high quality and can test your code after every step then this tool is the best option for that because it allows user to have a high quality and well tested code.

This tool is compatible for all type of users. When you continue writing a code then there might be chances of restructuring of code as it’s size grows but Visual studio will control this thing so that you don’t face refactoring code. This software was specially designed for the ease of users, so they won’t face any difficulty in writing a simple or complex code. Either code is complex or simple it will handle them in a smart way. Visual Studio for mac has some extra and advanced features like refactoring options which you can access easily from quick actions menu.

Visual Studio 2019 Keygen Final:

You can create multiple applications of windows using presentation foundation feature of Visual Studio 2019. There are many different frameworks which works for different tasks. Another framework is .Net framework which is quite popular and most being used to create Web applications. Web applications are being created 2 times more than any other applications because web is spreading all over the world with the passage of time. It also helps you to create applications for client, any need of client will be fulfilled with this software.

If you are already using other platforms for code writing then you are just wasting your time because most of the code writing platform does not give you comfort and ease like it gives. Visual Studio 2019 Keygen gives you complete solutions for all issues which occur after running the code. It will highlight the errors which cause trouble during runtime and gives a runtime error. Unless you solve all issues your code won’t run, but if you have Visual Studio 2019 installed then you don’t have to think about the errors and issues in your code because it automatically highlight he mistakes the time when you are writing code.

What is New?

  • In this latest version warnings and suggestions are resolved and just one click away from you. You can easily solve all the warnings with a single click.
  • Now you can have AI assisted recommendations which will guide you complete your code.
  • Now when you search for any commands, functions or variables it will give you relevant results only.
  • Now all the bugs and formatting errors has been fixed, you can add styles in code and resolve any issue withing few seconds.
  • There is a new feature available now which is intellicode, you don’t need any extension to get this into your box.
  • GitHub extension which was not available in previous version is now present already in visual studio.

About Visual Studio 2019 Editions:

Visual Studio Community:


It is flexible software using which you can build apps for any platform using any language.


There are multiple features present in visual studio which can enhance the productivity of your code like debuggers, editors and profilers etc.


It supports almost all languages like C#, HTML, JavaScript, Python and many more. So you can write your code using any language because there is no restriction of using a specific language.

Advanced debugging:

There is a debugger already available in this tool which can quickly find any bugs or errors present in code so you can diagnose it further and resolve it in time.


There are thousands of extensions present in this single tool which cost nothing.

Visual Studio Professional:

Understand your team code:

Visual Studio Professional 2019 can easily understand your written code. It allows both options for writing code from beginning or paste an already written code to further edit that. It gives you complete references and suggestions to make your code more accurate and efficient.

Create more:

It helps you to create applications for windows, web and android using any language like Java, C#, C++, Python and many more. There are very few softwares which allows you to use complete features and tools for writing a code. It also gives you complete guide about writing code.

Deliver Amazing Mobile Experiences:

It allows you to create applications for android which can enhance your mobile development experience in far more better way than before.

Visual Studio Enterprise:


If you are an enterprise and looking for a code that is full of productivity then use Visual Studio which have all the features and tools that can be useful for you in writing any code.


It gives high quality output of your desired program. After writing a code it can be run on any browser with high quality.

Advanced Debugging:

If any error occurs during code writing then it automatically diagnose them to resolve that error to give an error free program. It has advanced debugging tools which identify the issues regarding to code.

There is a tool intellitrace which helps in debugging the code to check whether there is any error in code or not.
Snapshot Debugger tool is available to debug all cloud applications to identify errors.
Code Map is available in Visual Studio 2019 to debug all applications to identify it can be depend on codebase that are larger.


If you are looking for a software that can end up any loop between development and Operations. It can handle any complex loops which are difficult for other softwares to do.

Visual Studio 2019 Product Key:






Visual Studio 2019 Serial Key:




Visual Studio License Key {Premium}:






Visual Studio 2019 Activation Key:





How to Install Visual Studio 2019 Crack:

  1. First you need to uninstall software that are already installed on our pc for code writing.
  2. Then Download setup of visual studio 2019 from link mentioned at the bottom of content.
  3. Now open the destined folder where you have downloaded the file, search for the setup.
  4. Now open the setup in winrar and extract it.
  5. Now run .exe file from setup to begin installation.
  6. Follow all the instructions to continue installation.
  7. Now click on help button given in toolbar and double tap on change my product license.
  8. Now enter any product key given in this page and register product to get all premium features.
  9. Now you can use it’s all tools and features without any restrictions.

Download Visual Studio 2019 from link given below:

Download Link

Camtasia Studio 9.0.5 Crack with Product Key 2019 Full Version

Camtasia Studio 9.0.5 Crack Plus Serial Key, Product Key 2019 Get Free

Camtasia Studio 9.0.5 Crack with Product Key 2019 Full Version

Recording videos or editing them has been became a trend plus necessity now a days. So it is also important to have best video maker or recorder among all other recorders. Making a high quality video has became very difficult because most of the video maker just claim to give high quality but they don’t give high quality video. Don’t get confused anymore because there is a tool available on market which can offer you now just high quality but also many premium features and tools to make it professional and useful. Camtasia Studio 9.0.5 Keygen software provides everything you need to capture a video. It is a dual function software which can let you record any video as well edit them later.

About Camtasia Studio 9.0.5 Crack:

You can easily use this tool on any device you want. On windows if you want to record any conversation or call you can do that. It also allows you to record any movie you are watching or anything you want. There is no limit on recording, you can record as much as you want to. It has so many effects, animations and other features which can enhance your video to next level. If you want to capture a professional video related to you business then you can use this tool to record that video. There is no chance of losing any recorded file or unsaved file. Because Camtasia Studio 9.0.5 Crack keep it’s records safely so that you can use it whenever you want.

If you are a professional gamer and want to make games tutorials then use camtasia because no one can compete this in making videos. You can trust this software to perform video making tasks. It has power to enhance the capability of your recorded video. you can also add any audio format media to run as a background in your video, because it has feature of library which keeps audio tracks for you to use. You can also add music separately in clips. It also give you an audio editing feature so you can easily adjust your audio in your recorded video.

Camtasia Studio 9.0.5 Full Version:

It has multiple features and tools which helps you to create or edit your desired video in your own way. You can use any tool to make your video more attractive. It not only allows you to record or edit a new video but also you can import any media present on your PC to edit or remake them. There is no restriction on editing an old video. You can completely control your clip the way you want, it gives you full access upon your project. You can drag or drop any media or any feature like texts, icons, formats etc. You can also create an animated background in your video so that it look eye catching. If you wanna make video for different purpose like business, education or to teach someone then use this software because it gives best opportunities to learner and experts as well.

If you are worried that by adding any sound there will be copyright issue then you don’t have to because when you add any audio in it it makes it royalty free which can’t get any copyright issue by uploading on any social media.

If you are calling someone and you want to record that call, you can turn it on to record your call. No one will get suspicious that you are recording that call or not. It not only allows you to create videos but also after creating you can upload them directly on any social media website. You don’t have to be an expert to use this tool because it is hell easy to use and manage.

Camtasia Studio Key Features:

Record screen and webcam:
It has ability to capture any video using webcam or by itself. You can record any video as well any audio. You can also import any audio or video clip to edit that the way you personally wants.
Add effects:
There are thousands of effects present in this software that will polish your video like you never imagined. You can easily customize these effects or drag and drop those effects in your video.

Titles, annotations, and callouts:

If you want to make your video more eye catching and attractive then you can use titles, effects, animation and many more. This feature will help your video to be watch more.

Music and Audio:

There is a feature of library available in this video editing tool. You can add ny music in your video or just adjust them like you want. Choose any song for any clip you desire. After inserting sound you can edit that to match it with your recorded video.

Zoom, pan, and animate:

You can zoom in and zoom out to look your video more deeply and to check it’s working ability. You can adjust your animation as well.

Create quizzes:

You can add many quizes to make your video more interesting and easy to learn. By doing this more customers will be willing to watch your video.


If you want to improve the flow of your video then use transitions it create slides and run one after another. Transitions can help your video to be understand easily.
Record and import presentations:
If you have created PowerPoint slides and you want to edit them, then just directly import all of the powerpoint slides and edit them. you can also add some of your recorded clips in it.


  • It has easy user interface makes it more popular.
  • Has lot of new features which can be used to design your video.
  • Many output formats are available so you can save your edited video in any format.
  • Can be easily understand and use.


  • If you try to buy it’s key to activate it’s premium features then it is very costly.
  • If you have already some knowledge about editing then you can use this software easily.

What is New in Camtasia Studio 9 Crack?

  • There was an issue of cursor to stuck during font change but it is resolved in this new version.
  • Now you can easily play or pause your video using spacebar directly.
  • There is a new cursor effect available in this latest version.
  • Now tools can be easily customized without any limitations.
  • For annotation there is  new Block style text has been added.
  • You can also adjust your annotations.
  • New transitions has been added like Whip Spin.
  • There are many new themes added with different logos.
  • Timing has been increased, now you can perform your task efficiently in few minutes.
  • There was an issue of being crash during importing any old files, but now there is no issue like this available. you can easily import any old file.
  • You can trim your media easily now.

Camtasia Studio 9.0.5 Product Key:




Camtasia Studio Serial Key 2019:





Note: Hope all keys will work for you, still if you face any difficulty then contact us directly. We will try to help you as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!

MathType Crack + Product Key For Mac & Windows 2019

MathType Crack + Product Key For Lifetime Download

MathType Crack

Mathematics is the major and most selected field all around world. On the same side using math is a tough thing. Understanding it’s formulas and equations is something can’t be handle by everyone. If you want to write mathematical formulas and to understand them then use Mathtype 7. Because many word processors can’t support math’s formulas and to edit them but if you have mathtype installed on your PC then you don’t have to worry about writing or editing formulas. you can just write any equation you want and after making it final you can use these in your documents also.

MathType Crack Full Version:

This software provides you a comfortable and advanced environment to write or edit all formulas and equations which no other software can provide. It has all functions and features a customer need to perform his task. You don’t have to surf anymore online for search of a mathematical environment because we are providing you one of the best from all others here. You can perform all math operations easily and in less time here.

Developer of this tool has keep it in their mind that to provide product that satisfy their customers needs. It can support you in many ways, it provides a complete technology which can recognize any formula that is written or you want to write. It has all shortcuts and symbols in it, so you don’s have to write them by yourself. You just have to select any symbol you wanna use in your equation and a formula will be prepared. Everything will be done with your single click only. So what are you waiting for, just install this software on your computer and use all it’s functions.

More About MathType 7 Product Key Generator:

There is no equation editor in market like this one, you can either write a new equation or just copy any equation from another source and paste it here and you can also edit that later. It has feature of importing or exporting all formulas from different sources like MathML, Texvc etc. It is compatible with many systems, so you can use it easily on any system. You can easily access all the symbols given in this application using keyboard.

It also supports other applications like office, Matlab Maple and many more, it means you can run this software on any application you want. It is a versatile and most being used nowadays. It is the best choice when it comes to mathematical solutions and formulas.

Any ordinary or expert user can easily understand this software to use it. It has numerous expressions and symbols for equations. it can solve any complex equations and can help you find a solution for any problem regarding your math formulas. It’s user friendly interface has made it popular and most downloaded equation editor tool.

MathType 7 Key Features:

Works with 64-bit Microsoft Office 2010:

If you are going to upgrade your 32 bit office to 64 bit office then you don’t have to worry about working of this software because it also supports and work on 64 bit office.

Compatibility with 600+ applications:

Around 600 applications supports this software, many of them are compatible and working along with this tool lik iWork, Mathematica, office and many others.

Equations Everywhere and Anywhere:

Many people thought of this tool as a part of Microsoft word and powerpoint but it is far more better than those applications. It works more smartly and efficient than office or powerpoint. You can use equations anywhere you want.

Enter equations in TeX/LaTeX directly in Word:

You can write directly TeX language equation in word document to view it clearly. It also has a keyboard which toggle the TeX and Mathtype.

New keyboard shortcuts in Word:

There are new shortcuts in keyboard on demand of customers. You don’t have to leave word to enter multiple equations, keyboard is there to perform this task fo you. You can write all equations using keyboard and shortcuts present in it.

Paste a table from a spreadsheet, document:

You can copy any table from spreadsheet, document or any web page and enter them in Mathtype to edit them as you like. There is no restriction of pasting any table or data from other source to this.

MathPage for Word 2010 and 2007:

There is no print disability now in this latest version. There is a Mathpage feature use to convert word 2010 and 2007 into web page using all mathematical symbols.

Windows 8 compatibility:

Mathtype is compatible with any version of Windows 8, so you can write or edit any equation and formula using Mathtype on windows 8.

MathType 7 Product Key:



MathType 7 Serial Key:




  • You can easily export all the results you have got. Use it in professional way.
  • There are many different and unique autoformat styles when you start writing.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available to use in formulas.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems and multiple applications like TeX, MathML and many more.


  • You can’t add thousand of shortcuts, there is limit on it.
  • Keyboard are somehow overcrowded and ambiguous to understand.

Download this software from given link:

MathType Link

Windows 8.1 Product Key Generator Full Crack 32 & 64 Bit {Latest}

Windows 8.1 Product Key Generator Full Crack 32 & 64 Bit For All Editions Free Download

Windows 8.1 Product Key Generator Full Crack 32 & 64 Bit {Latest}

Windows 8.1 is the upgraded version of windows 8 released on 2012 by microsoft. There were many complexities and flaws in windows 8 that causes users face many problems, to overcome these difficulties microsoft launched this latest version. Microsoft has always kept users their first priority, their ease is important for developers. Windows 8.1 has many advanced functions and tools which are helpful and easy to use for all type of users.

About Windows 8.1 Product Key Generator:

Windows 8.1 has improved the experience of users, It’s functionalities proved it to be the best window in the market. This latest version windows is famous due to it’s different style and design. It is most attractive windows among all other windows. This widow provides many features free of cost, which cant be provided by any other windows. It is easy and user friendly window with many new tools which can be used by users to get benefit. If you are still using previous version of windows then don’t wait anymore and upgrade your windows to this one.

you can either buy Windows 8.1 Product Key from official site or get it free from here, because it is necessary to activate windows which unlock all the hidden and premium features which can’t be appear until you activate the window. If you are a student or a mediocre user then you don’t have to worry about the expenses to buy keys for all editions of windows 8.1 because it is available here for free of cost.

Windows 8.1 Key Features:

User interface and desktop:

User interface has been enhanced and improved in this latest version of windows 8.1. There are many programs present in desktop which are more clear and easy to understand. All Apps view has been extended in large size tiles and there is more, colored tiles view is also now more prominent in desktop. There is also an addition of customization options using which you can customize any program anytime.Color options has been expanded which makes this windows more colorful and attractive. There are many new background styles has been added which are not present in previous versions. You can customize the start menu like you want it to be shown. You can keep programs you frequently use and which are more useful for you so you can directly access them from start menu. There are many changes occur in latest version to make user feel comfortable and in ease to use.

Online Services:

There are many online services in windows 8.1 that can also be used offline. There is an up-gradation of auto downloading file. When you access any file from OneDrive folder, your file is automatically downloaded in your windows. All the thumbnails and file data is stored locally. There are many more online services which has enhanced the structure of this window.

Security and hardware compatibility:

This latest version has introduced many new security features which includes fingerprints lock using which user can unlock their system through their fingerprint. Bitlocker has been introduced in windows 8.1 which completely encrypts the data in a secure way but this feature is only for limited editions like enterprise or pro, not all edition offer this feature. Bitlocker works on only trusted platform. Windows 8.1 has make itself more secure and compatible to system. It’t security system is high which can prevent unauthorized access to system. Only those users can open the PC who are authorized and have already access.

What’s New?

  • There are addition of new applications which are more improved now.
  • Video and music applications are now added which enhance the use ability of users.
  • New version of internet explorer is available.
  • For security and stability purpose new power shell has been introduced in this latest version.
  • SkyDrive has been added in windows 8.1 all editions.
  • You can widely search in system now.
  • There were many bugs and error present in app store in previous version, but it has been improved in this latest version. Now there no bugs in app store.
  • User interface is now far more better than before.
  • You can customize programs and anything you want more better now.

How to Upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1 ?

  1. First of all you have to open windows 8.1 store
  2. Find if there is any windows update option is available or not.
  3. If there is option of windows update then select the option to upgrade windows 8.1.
  4. Your windows will automatically start to upgrade in background, all new features and application will be installed in to your system.
  5. If you wanna see changes then you have to restart your PC.
  6. After restarting go to user Express Setting to restore your apps.
  7. Log in to you windows and restore all applications that were present in previous version.

Windows 8.1 Product Key [Genuine]:




Windows 8.1 Enterprise Serial Key:




Windows 8.1 Pro Product Keys:




Windows 8.1 Universal Product Keys:




Windows 8.1 Activation Keys:



Windows 8.1 Updated License:



Activate without any Product Key?

In case if you can’t afford to buy product keys to activate it then there is also an alternative to activate your windows. You can use any activator which can easily activate your windows for lifetime. Activating using product keys is the best method but if you still don’t want to activate it through that then use activator like KMSpico, Microsoft toolkit and many others.

How to Activate Windows 8.1:

  1. Download Windows 8.1 from online website or buy it from it’s official site.
  2. Second and important step is to disable your antivirus or anti-malware for a moment. Don’t worry it wont harm your pc at all, but sometime firewall don’t support some features.
  3. Third step is to disable your windows update feature which can cause trouble during activation by prompting some errors.
  4. Now Search for Run app in Start button.
  5. Now enter “Slui 2” which will open the windows activation application.
  6. There will be box given where you have to enter 35 character long product key to activate windows, you can copy it from above given keys for any edition. If it’s not helping then use second then third and so on. Hope one key will work for you. Sometimes keys don’t work due to over use, but all keys here are tested and verified, so you can use any of the key for activating your window.
  7. Now you have your windows activated for lifetime, Use any application, program or tool of this latest window without any restrictions.

Windows 7 Product Key Generator Crack 32/64 Bit {Latest Keys}

Premium Windows 7 Product Key + Crack 32/64 Bit Full Version

Windows 7 Product Key Generator Crack 32 64 Bit Latest Keys

Windows 7 is the most trustworthy and used window among all other windows. It was developed by Microsoft after windows XP with new features and tools. Among all windows most popular and being used window is windows 7. Users trust this window blindly. Developer has been adding new features in this window continuously. Libraries were later added to manage files. There is an advantage for user, they can arrange multiple files from different folders in to a library. A new Home group network was also added which provide password to user, they can protect any file or folder they want. You can also share any folder with anyone specifically or with group of people using Homegroup feature.

In previous versions of windows there was issue of performance and handwriting recognition but in Windows 7 developers has keep it in their mind and developed a window with better and efficient performance. In this version of windows boot performance also has been improved. Kernel System has been developed and improved in windows 7, there are lot of improvements done in this version like advancement of touch, Directaccess and lot more.

If Windows 7 has been improved then it also has some features missing which were available in windows vista like Start menu, taskbar feature and few more. These features are eliminated in windows 7 which could have made this window the best one but because of these missing features this version needs more improvement. But still with missing features it also has launched many new features which make the loss plus improvement equal.

Just installing this window is not enough, you need to activate it on your operating system after installing. If you choose not to activate the window then it will show you a message of activate your window again and again. So you can;t even think about skipping the activation part. you need to enter 25 digits key to activate the window. You can either buy it from developers or can use any key we have provided here. There is also other way to activate the window, which is using an activator like Kmspico, Removewat or Kms Auto etc. You can find both of these here on this website.

Updates of Windows 7:

Platform Update:

On Feb 26 2013 Platform update was released for windows 7 SP1 which has improved the working capability of platforms.

Disk Cleanup Update:

Users was sick of un necessary updates, so Microsoft has launched an update of Disk Cleanup through which you can delete the outdated windows updates to reduce the size of directory. This update can save a lot of your space and Disk size.

Windows 7 Product Key Features:

Windows Snipping Tool:

There is a new feature released in windows 7 which is able to save the snipped image from your desktop to any location you want to keep it on. It can also share your captured image to any source.


Now Wireless and wired network can also be accessed through LAN feature present in windows 7. You can connect with wifi no matter it is wired or wireless.

A System Tray:

If you are sick of unwanted messages and notifications then in windows 7 there is a feature present which prevent all un-necessary and unwanted notifications to popup. System Tray is present to control and prevents the irrelevant messages to reach you.

Alerts via Action Center:

There is a security center available in Windows 7 Product Key Generator which keeps you alert. It alert you from threats and if there is any crash in system. Or any file got corrupted or it can be any important thing. It won’t interrupt you by sending any popup, it will show you a message through a tray so you can respond it when you have time or you can also schedule it.

Windows 7 System Requirements:

Processor: 1 GHz IA-32 processor is required to install windows 7.

Memory (RAM): Require 1 GB for 32 Bit and 2 GB for 64 Bit.

Graphics card: DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver model 1.0 is required.

Hard Drive Space: Require 16 GB for 32 Bit and 20 GB for 64 Bit.

Optical Drive: DVD-ROM drive (Only to install from DVD-ROM media) is required.

Windows 7 Product Key [Premium]:























Windows 7 Enterprise Product Key Latest:




Why Activation is Necessary?

Windows 7 needs valid keys to activate it, if you do not activate the window then you won’t be able to use all the features microsoft has developed in windows 7. You can take it as a skeleton, without activation windows is just a skeleton without any feature. So if you wanna enjoy all the functions and updates of windows 7 then you need to activate it using 25 Word product key. You can also purchase it from microsoft or copy it from here, we have also provided genuine and working keys. If you have purchased a DVD of windows 7 then the keys will be given in the box, you can use them to activate your window. If you are not capable of buying it then our recommendation is to download the windows and get product key from us.

When your product key is verified the next step is to choose a language, there will be many languages given. You need to choose a language for yourself.

Requirements to Activate Windows 7:

  • If you want to activate the windows 7 then you need an internet connection for that.
  • You should have enough storage on your system to activate the window.
  • If you want to create media then you need 4Gb of space in your USB/DVD. Also Use DVD burner to burn it.

Note: All keys are genuine and working, use any of the above key to activate your window. If you have any problem activating your window then leave us a message. We will try to help you as soon as possible.