Icecream Screen Recorder 5.992 Crack + Keygen 2020 Latest

Icecream Screen Recorder Crack Full Version Free Download

Icecream Screen Recorder 5.992 Crack + Keygen 2020 Latest

Icecream Screen Recorder 5.992 Crack Full Version:

If you are looking for a recorder that can record your screen as well as take a screenshot of it then you are at right place. Icecream Screen Recorder Crack can perform both functionalities easily without any difficulty. This software can capture your screen from any area. You can start recording anytime you want. If you want to record a specific are not all your screen then you can also select that specific area to record. This is a multi tasking software which has made screen capturing and recording way too easy. Not only it just capture screenshots or record screen but also save them to a destination where you want to keep it. It saves files in high quality without any failure. There won’t be any interruption in saved file. All your recordings will be just as you except them to be. It won’t consume your time to save recordings.

It works efficiently, and within few minutes. It is very easy to use software, you don’t need to be expert in recordings. You can not only capture screen offline but also live seminars, Skype calls and many more within few minutes. You can also record games while playing to make tutorials and you can upload that tutorial in YouTube and other social websites. You can also record using webcam, your audio will also be recorded. It gives you options whether to record only video without any audio or both video plus audio. You can create professional tutorials using this tool. This tool can record your whole window or just part of screen, it’s your choice. You can record anything using internet also. If you are browsing and wanna record something from there, you can instantly turn recording on and your video will be created. You can also see it’s result yourself, created video will be saved in high quality. You can save video in different formats, because it supports all video formats.

Icecream Screen Recorder 5.992 Keygen For Windows:

Not only this tool allows you to capture screen or record video but also you can edit that captured screen and video later. You can skip the un necessary part from recording and then save it. If you want to add something extra in captured image you can do that also. Icecream Screen Recorder Keygen also allows you to convert the video format in to other format. This function is used when some devices does not support the existing format, then you can convert one format to another. Most of the recorder does not provide this function to users. While recording you can also zoom in and out the screen which is plus point of this tool. Using this tool you can totally customize your recordings and captures. It offers a complete customization package to user to meet their specifications.

It gives what user wants. It is specially designed to fulfill all user’s needs and specifications. You can hide or show mouse cursor, add sound, add graphics, hide desktop icon and many more. There are many more feature this tool gives to user which are briefly discussed below. including adding watermark, arrows, Text and shapes in your recording and screenshots.  We are pretty sure this tool is going to give you a complete different experience you never had before. This software has proved itself to be the best among others. You can also put schedule for tasks which you want to perform later. This tool also let you capture screen while recording. If we talk about it’s functions overall then in short we can say it is the best choice to record and capture screen. You won’t be able to find handy tool like this one. Use it yourself and then give feedback about it’s usefulness.

Some Characteristics:

  • Area selection is one of it’s best feature, you can select specific area for recording and capturing.
  • There is a complete Drawing Panel through which you can customize your capture and recording.
  • Project history will be saved for your later use.
  • Add custom watermark in recording and screenshots.
  • You can zoom the screen while you are recording.

Icecream Screen Recorder Key Features:


You can convert the formats of videos later if needed. It supports all formats, if any of your device does not support one format then you can convert that format to another one.

Trim Recordings:

If there are un necessary parts in video that you don’t want then you can trim them after completion of recording. Cut the part you don’t want and save the recording.

Recording Settings:

You can complete customize the recordings by hiding desktop icons and disabling screensaver mode while capturing screen. You can also hide mouse cursor if needed.

Display Hotkeys used in Video:

It displays the hotkeys which you used while recording your screen.

Scheduled Screen Recording:

You can also schedule multiple screen capture at a time, this feature is not available in other screen recorders.

Audio Settings:

It allows you to change the volume of your system sound and microphone. It provides complete audio setting to user.

What’s New?

  • There was a bug in audio volume control which has been fixed in this version.
  • Debugging service is now added in this latest version.
  • Activation has also been fixed now.
  • There was an issue in Free disk space and file size limit which is also fixed now.
  • All crashed has been fixed now.


  • Best thing about this tool is that it is easy to use and understand, any user can understand it’s using.
  • It is free of cost, you don’t have to pay for it.
  • It does not have a lot of buttons which can create a big confusion like other recorders do.


  • It does not have huge consequences but at the beginning it will just slow you pc for minutes and then all will be set.

Icecream Screen Recorder Activation Key:





Icecream Screen Recorder Key:




System Requirements:

  • OS:

Icecream Screen Recorder is compatible for all operating system include windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP all editions.

  • CPU:

Processor with at least 2.66 GHz CPU speed is required to run this tool efficiently.

  • RAM:

Recommended RAM to install this tool is 2 GB RAM.

  • Video Card:

Software is compatible with 1024 x 768 resolution displays.

  • Hard Disk Space:

Minimum space required is 150 MB.

How to Install Icecream Screen Recorder Crack?

  • First download setup from link given at the bottom of post.
  • Extract the downloaded setup using winrar.
  • Now double tap the extracted file.
  • Installation will be start in few seconds, now wait for a moment.
  • Follow all the steps provided to continue installation.
  • Now wait for some seconds and your installation will be completed.
  • Now Insert keys to unlock premium features, use keys which are given above.
  • All done, use your recorder and screen capture for lifetime.

Icecream Screen Recorder Crack Keygen Download from link below:

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Crack + Keygen 2020 Full Torrent Free Download

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Crack Full Version Free Download

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Crack + Keygen 2020 Full Torrent Free Download

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Crack Full Version:

Iobit Uninstaller Pro is multi tasked software which helps you to get rid of all unwanted applications and all left register to utilize the functionality of your system. It can give you a great opportunity to remove the bundle of programs with one click and monitor program installation for underground operations. Sometimes you install any program or application and an unknowingly useless program also installed into your system and takes memory and affects the performance of your system. If you want to remove or uninstall this software it is a very difficult process and somehow you can delete it, it left their cache files without your attention. All f these reasons your system gets hanged and not working properly. But now you don’t need to worry about this complex problem you just need to install this software.

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Crack can remove all left registry, uninstall residuals and cache and junk files with simple clicks. With this amazing software, you can easily find large and hidden files. You can easily remove system files and empty you’re recycle bin without any issue. It has the ability to remove browser plug-in and toolbar with a simple process. File shredder tool added in this version to enhance the deletion tool. As it helps you to delete any residuals from your system 10% faster.

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Keygen For Windows:

Iobit Uninstaller Pro comes with the latest version of the software which has powerful tools that enable you to eliminate unnecessary files from a web browser. It has the strongest scanning engine that can scan your system thoroughly. This software helps you to scan your system all the time and if any undesirable activity happens it will detect it immediately and remove it from your system automatically. You can easily remove files and registry entries without any problem. If you are beginner then it is perfectly designed for you because it will help you to understand the complete process and gives you the instructions step by step. So if you face any problem regarding the uninstalling any software or directory you just need to follow it, internal managers, instructions and resolve all issues. It will give you complete security and keep your system clean and protected. It has the ability to remove all security issues with a simple click. if any malware, adware, spyware, and virus enter into your system it will immediately block it send you a notification for the alert. So you can keep your information secured from all hackers’ attacks.

Iobit Uninstaller Pro Keygen is an outstanding software that has enough features that may give you a brand new computer and detects and remove windows update. It is more beneficial for professionals as it can save your time by increasing the speed of your programs so you can perform actions more quickly. It has the ability to keep protect your system with real-time security as it gives you the services of Comodo internet security, Comodo Cloud antivirus, and MPC cleaner. It has the latest tool that gives you the updated version of this software. It can remove all extra files that may crash your system or damage its files. It can also give multiple services as export the listing programs, viewing restore areas, remove frustrated toolbars and clean up your windows thoroughly. In short, it is the number one software in the market that will give you extraordinary features that make your life easier and its unique functionality make it different from others. It is compatible with multiple windows and MAC operating systems such as Windows 9, 8, 7, and 10.1. It is easy to install with its simple and easy installation process. I am sure you can like it after installing so just install it in your system.

Iobit Uninstaller Pro Key Features:

Remove uninstall residuals:

Quickly remove uninstall residuals and unwanted programs with simple clicks. It can also remove all extra files that may damage your files and harm the system.

Powerful scanner:

It has a powerful scanner that can scan your system all the time thoroughly. It can detect all extra files and cache data and remove it with simple clicks.

Monitoring the system:

Iobit Uninstaller Pro comes with powerful tools that can monitor the processing of your system and if any unwanted activity occurs, it can immediately remove it and keep your system secure from crashing and any other harm.

Real-time protection:

There is great software with the strongest security tools that can protect your system from all malware, toolkit, spread ware, adware, and many other external threats. It can remove all these threats to enhance the workability of your system.

Notify Malicious plug-in:

Iobit Uninstaller pro enables you to remove all browsers plug-in and if any malicious plugin created in your system it can remove it with a simple click.

Excellent performance:

It can give you a brand new computer by increasing its functionality and performance with simple one-click optimization. It can boost up your system and speed up your system’s program and processing.


  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It is lightweight software with additional features.
  • The latest tools add in this new version.
  • Give you the one-click installation process.
  • Boost up your PC and increase its speed.
  • It can empty you recycle bin with simple clicks.
  • It can enhance the workability of your system.
  • Remove all junk files, cache memory and uninstall residuals and increase the speed of your system.
  • Find the large and hide files without any problem.


Iobit Uninstaller pro comes with multiple features with advanced and powerful uninstallation algorithm that enables you to clean your system from all extra and unwanted files like junk files and cache memory and also uninstall programs that are useless.

Iobit Uninstaller Pro Key [2020]:





Iobit Uninstaller Pro License Key {Latest}:






System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows X, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
  • Memory: 512 MB minimum.
  • Hard disk space: 100 MB minimum required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.

How to install Iobit Uninstaller Pro Crack?

  1. Uninstall old version software.
  2. Download this software in your pc.
  3. Install the latest version of the software by clicking on the installation button.
  4. Enter the lifetime activation key.
  5. Start it after running the setup.
  6. All you have done just enjoy it.

IOBIT Uninstaller Pro Crack + Keygen Download from link below:

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack Plus Activation Key 2020 {New}

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack Full Version Free Download

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack Plus Activation Key 2020 {Updated}

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Crack Full Version 2020:

Iobit Smart Defrag Pro Crack comes with powerful features that execute the slow processing and enhance the performance of your system efficiently. Most of the software just provides the defragmentation process but the main feature of this software is that it helps you to perform certain actions simultaneously. Because of the defragmenting process may your system getting slow and don’t execute programs efficiently because of too much loading. But there is a great beneficial come in the form of this application as it can organize your data and files a very manner-able way and enhance the work ability of your computer. It can release all your tension and gives you an efficient workplace. What do you think about its fragmentation process? It has a very easy and simple process for fragmenting your hard drives. It has the ability to optimize your hard drives and speed up the processing with simple clicks. If you want to organize your files you just need to move files into the block and rearrange them efficiently. You can set the scheduled tasks for the defragment process even if your computer is inactive. You can defragment the large files easily with the help of this software and increase the durability of your files.

Iobit Smart Defrag is the latest software with an ultrafast defragmentation engine through which you can improve files organization algorithm for better and faster access. It is not just helpful in the fragmentation process like traditional software but it can also streamline your file-based and with the help of data disk management. You can excellently perform actions without any loss of data because in the defragmenting process there is the chance of data deletion. But the main functionality of this software is that it can keep protecting your data and if you can delete or lose your data by mistake you can restore it with simple clicks. It has a powerful backup process through which you get the recovery of your deleted data and restore it without any quality problem. It can optimize the engine through which you can organize your files hard drives as well. It can supports both HDD and SSD to perform actions and increase the workability as well. It can easily help you to accelerate the disk read and write speed and take your system on the highest level with respect to its performance because in this software defragmenting process done in the background with the smart defragmenting process.

IObit Smart Defrag Pro Keygen Free Download:

Iobit Smart Defrag has excellent tools with an efficient fragmentation engine with a new ultra defrag motor that helps you to speedily perform all actions related to the disks drives. There is a great opportunity for if you are a beginner because it will help you to resolve all problems step by step if you found any problems or issues regarding its usage and any other related to the disks. You just need to follow the instructions step by step. It is easy to use because of its simple and user-friendly interface. It can maintain the stability and reliability of your computer and keep protected against all online threats. With the help of this software, you can easily secure your files, disks and hard drives directory from all malware, adware, spyware, and viruses with simple click process. Now you need to worry about the security of your sensitive information.

There are amazing services that you can get in one place and easily execute your programs and utilize the performance as well. It is compatible with all windows and MAC operating system that includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, 7, 7.1, 10 and gives you an amazing work environment. It has a simple easy installation process. So I suggest you install this software in your system to effectively enhance the performance of your system.

Iobit Smart Defrag Key Features:

Simple defragmentation process:

Iobit Smart Defrag has a powerful defragmentation engine which helps you to easily perform the defragmenting process without any problem in program execution. You just need to move the files into blocks for more effective and complete defragmentation.

Support scheduled tasks:

It has the ability to support scheduled tasks and perform certain actions without any issue. You can set a schedule for the fragmentation process and organize your files with simple clicks.

Up to date application:

It is an outstanding software that helps you to give the enhanced execution of programs, unlike the traditional defragmentation software you cannot only perform defragmentation but also organize your data and files.

Data security:

Iobit Smart Defrag is powerful software that can keep protecting your data and information from all external threats such as virus, hacker’s attacks, malware, adware and malicious attacks which may affect on the performance of your pc so this software will remove all these threats even if they want to enter into your system.

Backup process:

It is an authentic application that gives you the simple backup process so if you want to restore your deleted data you just simple recover it by a simple process and enhance without any quality problem.


  • It is a simple and lightweight software.
  • It comes with efficient fragmentation with rich features.
  • It is very efficient for Game defrag.
  • It has a simple and straightforward interface.
  • Easily organize and manage disks files.
  • Enhance the speed of your system with single click optimization.
  • You can perform certain actions in one place.
  • It is compatible with all windows and MAC operating system.
  • Enhance the organizational algorithm for faster access.
  • It is the latest version software with an ultra fast defragmentation engine.


Iobit Smart Defrag is the latest version software which has advance and ultrafast defragmentation engine that helps you to manage and rearrange data and enhance the execution of your system as well. If you want to improve the performance of your system just install it I am sure you are enjoyed with its amazing features.

Iobit Smart Defrag Activation Key 2020:









IObit Smart Defrag Pro License Key {Updated}:




System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 8/8.1/7/XP/10 and MAC is compatible.
  • CPU: Pentium processor at 90 MHz or higher.
  • Memory: 16 MB RAM must require (minimum).
  • Hard drive: 80 MB minimum available in the hard disk.

How to install Iobit Smart Defrag?

  1. Download this software by simply clicking on the download button.
  2. When the downloading is completed, install it in your system.
  3. Extract the files and running up the setup.
  4. Click on the finish button.
  5. All you have done enjoy with it.

Download complete file from link below:

TweakBit PCSpeedUp Crack with License Key Full {Latest 2019}

TweakBit PCSpeedUp Crack + License Key 2019 100% Working

TweakBit PCSpeedUp Crack with License Key {Latest 2019}

Why is it Necessary to Maintain PC?

With the passage of time, amount of data you use accumulate in your PC. It includes cache, saved files, cookies and so on. Sometimes other than your important data, some viruses also get place in system. These viruses can completely harm your computer in several ways, for example they can remove your important files without your acknowledgment. Sometimes viruses corrupts files as well as whole folder. These all things can make your computer work slow and make your PC get hang again and again. I am pretty sure these things can be fussy for you, so if you wanna use your computer without any interruption and destruction then it is necessary to keep checking your computer on daily basis or weekly basis. If you become reckless in this matter then you’ll face the consequences later. Instead of regretting later it is better to take a step before that time. This way your PC will run like a brand new machine, like you have purchased it yesterday.

About TweakBit PCSpeedUp Crack Full Version:

Hope you have understood the importance of PC’s getting maintained, if yes then let’s move towards describing the features and functions of this tool. We will tell you briefly how much useful and helpful this tool is. When it comes to maintaining computer first question arises in mind is which method to use to do this, if same question you are having in your mind is then here is the answer. No doubt there are many ways to boost up the speed of PC. Best way is to scan whole computer and then take actions according to PC’s situation. You don’t have to manually check everything present in your computer, there are many tools specially designed for this purpose which can scan whole computer within few minutes and give you complete report. Through that report you can take actions without scanning manually. To do this We have also a tool that can help you in maintaining and boosting your PC.

We can assure you that once you install this software you will decide yourself how much worthy this software is for your computer’s health. Tweakbit is a very famous and old company which is offering many advanced products for customers to utilize. There should be no second thought in mind when you think of downloading tweakbit’s products. So this tool is also a development of Tweakbit. It performs many functions to complete your desired task, which includes Registry tuning and Hard drive scrubbing. These techniques can help in PC’s speed enhancement. This tool works step by step so you can have full report of each file and folder and all the causes of slow down.

TweakBit PCSpeedUp Keygen 2019 Free Download:

If there is any system crash, it will analyze that and try to fix it also, which turns out to increase Speed of PC. It performs complete scan on hard drive also, defragments it and cleans all the registries which can be a cause of slow down.This tool gives accurate results, so you don’t have to worry about the result’s accuracy. Whenever it finds out something fishy or suspicious, it tries to resolve it first, if it fails then gives you complete report so you can think of another way. If your motive is to increase the speed of PC then in our opinion this is the best option for you. Till you have this tool installed, no virus will be able to consume even a bit of your hard disk’s space or computer’s Ram. There will be no chance of any type of harm.

Causes of PC’s Slow Down ?

  • When unwanted files accumulate in PC without your knowledge, they can harm PC and make it hang.
  • When your memory is full with too much files consuming lot of memory.
  • When some Registry files got deleted accidentally.
  • Programs run at startup can also be a cause of slow down.
  • Un necessary data stored in browsing history and cookies are also one cause.
  • When some part of file get removed by virus attack.

TweakBit PCSpeedUp Key Features:

  • Disk Defragmenter is one of it’s feature which can help in enhancing speed.
  • Startup Manager, which can prevent extra applications to run during windows startup.
  • It provides complete System Information.
  • It has Duplicate File Finder feature to find out if there are any duplicate files present to free up space.
  • Uninstall Manager, this feature is the most useful one because it removes all un necessary data or files from system to boostup the performance.
  • Service Manager is also it’s feature which can help in controlling the services.
  • It has File Recovery feature which can help in recovery of accidental deleted files.
  • Not only it has offline features but also some online features which includes Internet Optimizer. This feature can increase the speed of your internet browsing or surfing.
  • Tweak Manager which have all tweak settings that can be hlpful fro your system.
  • Browser Manager is present in this tool which can remove un necessary browsing history and cookies to prevent slow down.

Diagnose your Windows System:

It complete scans or diagnose your system to find if there is any thing suspicious in it or not. It finds out all junk files, cookies, cache and viruses also to remove them and free up space. In this way when you have more space left, your PC will run faster than before. It can prevent all applications which are causing any harm or crashing system.

Improves computer speed:

This software can help task manager to divide tasks accurately. All applications will run with fast speed, it also ensures faster internet speed which is not offered by many Speedup tools. It works with every aspect of computer to check all application’s working. if any application is running slow then it goes in depth to find out the reason.

Automatic System Maintenance:

It works automatically without your interference. you don’t have to give it command to initialize scanning. It automatically detects all the files and junk files to maintain them and increase performance of computer. You can also put maintenance in schedule, in case if you are not using computer/laptop it will automatically start diagnosing and making reports.

Cleans out Junk Files:

There is a special feature made in this tool which is cleaning junk automatically. Once it diagnose any junk file present in computer, it starts removing them permanently from computer so they don’t consume space anymore. There are many types of temporary files which can consume too much memory of hard disk and you don’t even notice them. These temporary files can cause some dangerous harm without letting you figure out what’s going on.

TweakBit PCSpeedUp License Key 2019 *New:








TweakBit PCSpeedUp Serial Key:




System Requirements

  • It supports all operating system including Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10 all editions and 32/64 bit both systems.
  • 512 MB RAM is required to install this.
  • Hard disk drive required is 25 MB.

Download File

Cubase Pro 10.0.30 Crack + Activation Code 2019 Latest [Windows&Mac]

Cubase Pro Crack + Activation Code 2019 Latest (Windows&Mac)

Cubase Pro 10.0.30 Crack + Activation Code 2019 Latest [Windows+Mac]

About Cubase Pro Crack Latest Version 2019:

Cubase Pro Crack is the software that is very useful and attractive tool to edit your audio tracks. Many star producers and musicians use it for composing, recording, mixing and editing their music. It is a music creation software that is very interesting and most efficient Digital Audio workstation which is use to create different music in different tracks. This software is very helpful to add special effect in your music instruments and make your music track very effectively. You can add different audio and mix them and take good results into another level. The new version of this software introduce new different method which are used in audio track and in this version new instruments are added to make your audio is attractive. It provide the installer that is same for programmer and artist as well. Cubase Pro take almost three time periods for development of cutting-edge DAW or anywhere.

Cubase Pro has outstanding audio quality to make your audio track more attractive, It is easy to use for handling and a collection of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools. You can set color scheme which yo like and make your audio more effective. In this software provide different colors setting which is used with other colors. Cubase Pro Crack is the software which is useful for all kind of music apply different effects on audio track and make them more efficient. This software is also work for musician, for Owner of music production and for composing. It has good sound quality of audio and easy to used that make it to the World’s best and most popular sound recording and production solution of music creation. It is fully depend on the complexity of your project and also depend on the size of your audio track that is created by this application. If you want to add different effects on your audio then it can be easy in Cubase pro for create best music track.

Cubase Pro 10 Keygen For Windows & Mac:

Cubase Pro 10.0.30 is very fast software to edit your music track. You can also change the effects and themes of your music at any time. If you apply less transitions and effects in first time you may change the music track by applying more features and more effects through Cubase pro Editor. The user have no need to know the detail descriptions about it he just know the basic and enjoy the wonderful effects of this software. This software only support the 64 bit Microsoft operating system of any window like window 7, 8, 10 and vista. It also provide you the facility that you can easily store or save your audio track in your mobile phone or PC and if you want to show your talent to anybody you can share it on youtube and facebook and your whatsapp contacts.

It has an ability to optimized for mouse free operation you can access all the channel elements that are accessible through the computer keyboard and screen reader software for the visually impaired. It edit and save your memorable music tack in it. You can increase your talent through this means that it increase your creativity that how can you create a song when all the features are available for you. It enhance your creativity of mind. It provide more functionality to use it. It is more secure.This software is very intuitive and it is provide the easy method or way to control your audio editing you can edit your audio as you like to edit it. It has an ability to change the instrument and edit it.

Cubase Pro 10 Key Features:

There are the some features of Cubase Pro 10.0.30 which this software more efficient than other software.

  • It work as Multiple Digital Audio Workstation means in this app you can work on different audios and apply the different effects on them to production of best audio track.
  • It also provide more than 8 instruments more than 3000 professional level sounds of music.
  • You can change the name of sound and save it for long time.
  •  you can share your project of audio track by this software application. you can share it on Facebook and Instagram.
  • It provide the high quality of sound system.and by use of this software you can record audio in doubling technique  can add more than one audio and mix them as a new music track.
  • You can create a sample of your music track, you can take any part of your audio and make the sample by use it . sampler track is useful for make the unique audio track.
  • It has an ability that sound is with your own signature to make it better and you can edit the sound when you want.
  • It provide more than 90 audio tracks and effects for production of your music you can add sound and effects from this application directly, so you don’t need to download the songs from google.
  • It also provide the different work spaces to edit size, position, layout and other setting of audio and also provide the setting  of important windows.
  • It has a complete overview to see the project which is display dynamically on the track.
  • It provide unlimited audio tracks , automation and instruments which can apply on audio and make it attractive.
  • This software application provide the facility to add new automation on music track and give the physical input and output.
  • You can use this application without internet connection because it also provide the way to offline processing system.

Whats New added?

  • It work very quickly and its speed is improve in this version.  you see the new interface that is work smoothly and work flow is very high quality and speed up.
  • It is full of features and improvement of music production to make the music better.
  • Cubase Pro had many bugs which are fixed now and make the performance better.
  • It support the group of many different sounds which are mixed to create your music track and it extend its functionality and usability
  • Cubase Pro has VariAudio feature that gives you complete command on every position of your audio. You can control your audio and edit it easily.
  • It also provide the solution of any problem which occur during the music production. If user face any issue of CPU it is fix for Intel CPU in Cubase Pro application

Cubase Pro 10 Activation Code Updated:





Cubase Pro License Key 2019:






System Requirements :

  • You should must be required 64 bit Intel or ADM multi core processor.
  • 16 GB free hard disk space must be available in your device.
  • It support graphic card with DirectX 10.
  • You should must be required 1920 X 1080 display resolution.
  • It support audio hardware operating system.
  • Internet connection must be strong for any purpose of this application.
  • It support only operating system of window 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 for 64 bit.
  • It also support mac operating System and mac Operating system X 10.

How to Install Cubase Pro Crack?

If you want to crack Cubase Pro you should follow these steps that are given in below:

  • If there is any version is already installed then delete the old version of Cubase Pro.
  • firstly you download the setup from the link given below.
  • Click on download button and start downloading.
  • Wait for downloading process until it completely download on your PC.
  • Turn off Your internet connection for run the setup.
  • Extract the folder and run the setup.
  • Read carefully all the instruction and Complete the process of installation step by step.
  • Copy Crack and insert into the installation folder.
  • When installation process is complete it is installed successfully.
  • Restart your system after the completion of installation process.
  • Now open the program and use the Cubase pro 10.0.30.
  • It is ready to use now.

Download Cubase Pro Crack + Keygen from link given below:

FL Studio 12 Crack with Registration Key 2019 Full Torrent File Download

FL Studio 12 Crack 2019 All Plugins Supported Free Download

FL Studio 12 Crack with Registration Key 2019 Full Torrent File Download

About FL Studio 12 Crack Full Version:

FL Studio 12 Crack is a music studio basically that is use to edit the music with it’s extraordinary features. You can easily edit any of the music by using different tools and features. It is a complete multimedia environment tool that fulfill your requirements regarding edit a music. It gives it’s users best audio and video formats. It works with different tracks. If you want any of music track you just need to run this track which you want to edit in some format. It is newest and latest tool for Windows as well as for Mac.It is very effective music edit tool. It is world’s best and very popular tool which solve your many problems of edit a music. Previously it’s name was Fruity Loops but now it’s name change into FL Studio in latest versions of this tool.It provide you a great workstation for audio and videos. You can easily mix different music and make these music a single music by the use of different tools. Mix different music and re-arrange them into a single music is it’s own technology.

It just not work as a program rather it also work as use to create multimedia files. You can add a large collection of music in this tool very easily and convert it into another different music. It is use to completely edit your music. You may become a professional artist if you have a strong grip on different tools of FL Studio. It also gives you presetting tools to make new unique different templates. It also contain a remix tool through which you can contain a remix of any music. It provide a full DJ mixing tool. It is a tool such as state of the art mixers, equalizers, integrated instruments. It is a multitasking music studio because a user can perform different tasks at the same time.

FL Studio 12 Keygen For Windows & Mac:

FL Studio is use to mix, compose, edit and arrange professional quality music. There are different track that it provide and these tracks are run on the original window. All the selected instruments contain by this window. You just have to select a pattern for those instruments that you want to make. Moreover now this version is also available for iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android. It’s registration key also gives you graphics and music sequencer. You can easily compose all the documents in very short time. It is the outstanding tool that gives you more advance features. It also provide different updated features that are unique and latest. It also contain the search engine in which you can easily search any new track and you don’t need to search the list of track one by one. Different pattern helps you to draw and select different music track. It provide high quality music edit features. It gives every thing of your desires in just one package. It is a wonderful tool provide extraordinary features.

FL Studio 12 crack can also edit your different tracks. It saves your time by finding different tracks through search engine. It also includes producer edition, Fruity edition and signature bundle that gives Nexus Plugins. It also has a playlist window that consists of two parts Top and Bottom. On the top it include different pattern and audio tracks are available in the bottom. FL Studio Keygen has a browser view and different many editing views that help you in your music creation. It totally modify your music. It gives you more extraordinary features through you can easily perform different tasks. It allow audio recording with complete pitch-shifting and time stretching feature. Through this feature a user can easily compose and rearrange it’s different tracks into it’s desire form. It is an extraordinary combination of different tools and features which are easily support by this software. FL Studio it more enhance multimedia tool. It is a fully functioned application. It can be easily handle through touch screen.

FL Studio 12 Key Features:

  • It’s provide very attractive interface to it’s user.
  • It is natural and user friendly interface.
  • It offers you to edit multiple tracks at one time very easily and quickly.
  • Using FL Studio Registration key, you can also plugins tracks and tunes very easily.
  • It gives time scaling to edit different music track.
  • It support high quality display to use.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It gives safe and secure interface.
  • It is a multi tracking application.
  • It provide free updates when you use this tool.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It gives unlimited playlists arrangements.
  • It is the best file management application.
  • You can easily change the style of the track in pattern you like.
  • You can easily reestablish the track that is already edit.
  • You can also delete the tabs in browser through a right click action.
  • It gives various moves while edit a music.
  • It uses the Dashboard tool to produce your personalized controllers on your fly.
  • It also support different video effects and much more.
  • It also support a playback function through which you move backward in the list.
  • It is a wonderful and best songs generation system.
  • It can easily run on 32 and 64 bit operating system.
  • It contain different drivers to install it.
  • It provide free updates lifetime.
  • It contain a playlist window.

What’s New in FL Studio 12 crack?

  • This version of FL Studio provide a time signature through which you can easily edit any playlist in unlimited time.
  • It’s browser is updated.
  • It contain different channel pack.
  • It support new MIDI recording tools and techniques.
  • It provide 24 hour support to it’s users to provide different services.
  • You can easily download it for 5 different devices at the same time.
  • It gives protection to developers and programmers.


  • Search engine is the best advantage to use this tool.
  • It provide individual window for each function.
  • It easily provide multiple editing function which is it’s another advantage which make it popular.


  • New use may be overwhelm in the start.

FL Studio 12 Registration Key:






FL Studio 12 Serial Key:



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System Requirements:

  • It can easily run on every window like window XP, Window Vista, Window 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • It require 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or higher.
  • There must be available 1 GB free disk space in the system to install it.
  • There should be available 1 GB RAM to install this tool.

How to install FL Studio Crack?

To install it you must follow these steps that are given below:

  • Click the link that is given below.
  • Click on download button to download the setup.
  • Wait for few minutes to setup is downloaded successfully.
  • Extract the folder and run the program.
  • Read and follow the instructions.
  • Enter the activation key when it require.
  • Wait for process is to complete.
  • Click on next button.
  • Click on finish button.
  • The software is install on your device.
  • Now use it.
  • Enjoy it’s functionality!

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DriverMax Pro Crack with Registration Code 2019 [Updated]

DriverMax Pro Crack with Registration Code 2019 Latest Version Free Download

DriverMax Pro Crack with Registration Code 2019 [Updated]

About DriverMax Pro Crack 2019 Full Version:

DriverMax Pro is a driver updater that finds a downloads the latest driver updates for you computer system. It is a powerful and efficient software that helps you to download, backup, update and restore the drivers installed on your on PC system. This software support for automatic scheduled scan and updates for you at any time. With this software, you can install drivers for both 64 Bit and 32 Bit for all windows operating systems. It has a great search engine, so it analyzes your installed drivers to provides you the latest version. Also it supports automated installs, scheduled scans, and full device driver backups and it can be set to check for driver updates and download them for you at any time of any day, week, or month.

You can find driver updates for any type of window like 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It also makes a restore point and backs up your drivers for preventing any problems or issues in futures and also it has the ability to scan your drivers against viruses, worms, Trojans, that may cause to damage and harmful to your system with functionality virus scan engine.

DriverMax Pro 10.19 Keygen For Windows:

Moreover, it is a new tool that allows you to download the latest driver updates for your PC system. No more searching for rare drivers on discs or on the web. Just make a free account, log in, and start downloading the updates that you need. You can also export all of your present day drivers to a folders or a compressed file. This software collects information about installed drivers in computer system and prints a list of devices that are used by them. Also, it provides information about the driver version, released date, developer, number of files and you have a digital signature. Before installing drivers in your computer system this software check any drivers to ensure that work well. With this application you can use your computer at full potential, drivers must be kept up to date.

These features enhance compatibility with various applications and games and reduce the risk of errors.Your PC can work faster and quickly. Latest version of this software is very simple and easy and straightforward as you think. You can easily use all the tools and features quickly. Just scan for the latest updates and double click on download button and this software works immediately.

Key Features of DriverMax Pro 10.19:

  • It support all types of window operating system.
  • This software make a backup copy of all the drivers which installed in specific folder.
  • It has the ability to check for the presence of the more recent versions of drivers.
  • You can easily and quickly download drivers and downloaded process start instantly.
  • It also provide all information about installed drivers.
  • This application is simple, antivirus free and very clean to use.
  • You can create a detailed report of the drivers.
  • This software can import wizard to install the drivers from the saved copy.
  • Also, it gives of all drivers, including versions of these drivers, release date of these drivers, etc.
  • It analyzes your existing drivers and provides the latest version for over 2,300,000 devices.
  • In addition, this software backs up the current drivers and creates a system restore point, allowing a quick rollback of the installation and all controllers are scanned thoroughly for viruses and threats before they are provided to users.
  • This software automatically tests each new driver before installing in your PC system, ensuring its proper functioning.
  • It also support many international languages like English, Russian, Turkish, French etc.
  • This software can update or install automatically.
  • It has driver and restore points and also it identify unknown devices.
  • This application is efficient and easy to use. With this application you can download limitless drivers.
  •  It can create detailed report of the drivers.
  • Drivers are components that enable the proper functioning of the internal hardware or devices that are connected to the computer. It reduce system freezes and making for a better performance of your PC.
  • This software can create an archive with the motive force backups.
  • It make a backup copy of all the drivers set up in the exact folders.

What’s New added in DriverMax Pro?

  • Now stability and performance is improved in this version.
  • New driver database is added.
  • Now, you can refer to unknown devices because it has new description windows.
  • Some features are enhance in this latest version.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • It support many languages.


  • It can create a backup of all your drivers.
  • You can easily identify unknown hardware.
  • This software can automated install.
  • It prompts you to create a restore point before installing drivers.
  • You can download drivers directly through the program.
  • Its setup does not install unnecessary programs.
  • This software has a option to ensure only signed drivers are installed.


  • You can not download more than two drivers a day.
  • Can not download more than 10 drivers a month
  • Some security software identify it as a potentially unwanted program.
  • It requires an internet connection to find outdated drivers.

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System Requirements:

  • It support Windows Operating System like Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP (32 and 64 bit).
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM is enough for this software.
  • It demands at least 25 MB free hard disk space.
  • 1 GHz or faster 32 bit or 64 bit  processor must be required for this software.
  • An internet connection is required for activating your keys.
  • Any video card is used for this software.
  • Processor must be Intel Atom, Pentium, Celeron and Intel Core i3.
  • Screen resolution must be recommended at least 1024 x 768.
  • Keyboard and mouse required for this software.

How to install DriverMax Pro 10.19?

To install this software follow the steps which are given below:

  • Uninstall the old version if already download in your device.
  • Click on the download link of this software.
  • Download the link which is given below.
  • Wait, while download process will complete.
  • Save all the files of this software on your device.
  • Run the setup. Follow the steps and complete the installation process.
  • Insert the activation keys for the activation of downloading process.
  • When this process complete then double click on finish button.
  • This process will take around few seconds or depend on your internet connection.
  • All done. Now it is ready to use.
  • Enjoy full version. This software is free.

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IDM Crack 6.33 build 3 with Patch & Serial Number 2019 Final Version

IDM Crack 6.33 build 3 with Patch, Keygen Latest Version Free Download

IDM Crack 6.33 build 3 with Patch & Serial Number 2019 Final Version

About IDM Crack Patch 6.33 build 3:

IDM Crack 6.4 build 3 is a software which is used for downloading videos, files and documents from internet. It is very useful and easy software million of people install this software for free downloading any thing from internet. You can download videos in a very short time and its 5x faster speed. You can also download the videos from anywhere like you can download videos from facebook, Daily-motion, Vimeo, YouTube and from another video website. You can download videos manually   by given the link of this video that you want  to download from any video website. Its interface is user friendly and it is the one downloader application that is used for download videos fastly and result of videos that are downloaded by this software is very good. It is the outstanding and more useful software application. If you want to download free trail of IDM for test it also provide the the 15 days based trail to you for testing. After testing you can get paid version of this software. If you were not want to go for paid version then you get the activation keys to use it for lifetime. These activation keys are given below you can get them and enjoy the IDM for lifetime and enjoy the best internet downloading  speed. You can download videos in a seconds

. It is user friendly and easy to use it can support all the favorite browsers like google, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and many other web browsers. It can also support the proxy servers, FTP, HTTP and many other servers. It provide the resume facility, If any error is occur during the downloading and your internet connection was disconnected then don’t be worry you can resume the video after connect the internet for download again and it start downloading from resuming part. The internet web browsers like  google, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and many others also have their builtin function of downloading but they can download very small files they have not ability to download games long videos and large files and also they take more time for downloading. Internet Download manager can reduce the time and download any kind of the videos files and games in a very short time. Therefore all web browsers need the good quality of internet download manager that reduce the time and it also give you the control over the downloading process.

Internet Download Manager Keygen Full Version:

IDM Crack 6.4 has superb features of downloading from web browsers. It is an ideal download manager for download any kind of files from the internet in a very short time. This software can help in  reducing the downloading time and download the large size of files. It has an ability to download many different files and videos from internet at the same time. It also provide you the Pause and resume facility if you want to stop downloading on this time then you press the pause button and later download it by the resume  feature. The internet download manager has an ability to break the files into different blocks. You can pause then resume it when the video is required to download it. If your internet connection was lost then you can resume and start downloading from where downloading was stopped due to the loss of internet connection.

It can also help to create the different folders for different type of data and it can helpful for locate the specific type of downloading file which is stored on the hard drive. This software is available for Microsoft windows operating system of all the type of windows like window 7, 8, 10 and vista. It also support the FTP and   HTTP protocols. It also allows you to download entire websites for offline viewing. It also provide the facility to set the filters on videos and for any type of files that you want to download from their sites. You can only set the filter on picture or any part of site for downloading. It also support many different protocols you can enter HTTP link in the browser and the download the video which you want to download.

Internet Download Manager Key Features:

There are some important features of this software which make it more attractive and useful software these features are given below:

  • It has Pause and resume function.if you face some problems of internet connection or others that are not covered in other sections then you try to resume a download when internet connection is connected or other problem was solved.
  • It reduce the time and downloader speeds up to 5 time faster. You can download your long videos, large files and games in a very short time.
  • It can also provide the time scheduler that allow you to download any file in a specific time.
  • It support all the protocol like FTP, HTTP, ISA protocol, Proxy  servers and firewalls. you can download the videos by providing the http link of videos which you want to download and download these videos in a very short time.
  • You can download the many different videos and files in a same time and it can reduce the time.
  • It also support many different type of languages.
  • This software is available for Microsoft windows operating system of all the type of windows like window 7, 8, 10 and vista.
  • It can support all the favorite browsers like google, chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and many other web browsers these browser need to download long size of  videos, games and software very quickly.
  • It also allows you to download entire websites for offline viewing. It allows you to set the filters on videos and for any type of files that you want to download from their sites.
  • It can also support many different type of format of downloading which are include AVI, MP3, MP4, GIF, DOC, PPT, PDF and others.

What’s New Added in IDM Crack 2019?

There are some other new features which are added in latest version of Internet Download manager these features are given below:

  • You can install it easily without any problem you can install it on trail base for testing it and also you can get activation keys to use this software for lifetime.
  • The best feature of this software is that it allow fast downloading. It increase the download speed by up to 5 time the speed of regular download manager.
  • It has an automatic virus checking feature If any error or virus is entered in your PC from internet during the download process it check the virus and stop the download.
  • It has an ability to re-download the incomplete download data anytime when you want to download it.
  • It also provide the facility of Download with one click. When you click on a download link in a browser then IDM will take over the download.

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Internet Download Manager Serial Key:






System Requirements:

  • It support Microsoft windows operating system of Window Vista 7,8,8.1 and 10.
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM should be available to install it.
  • It support both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system.
  • 14.5 MB hard disk should be available to install it.
  •  It support Direct X 10 or newest technology for the installation of this software.
  • core dual 2 GHz processor required for installation.

How to Install IDM Crack?

If you want to install the IDM you should follow these steps that are given in below:

  • If there is any version is already installed then delete the old version of IDM.
  • download the link of this software from the link given below.
  • Click on download button and start downloading.
  • Wait for downloading process until it completely download on your PC.
  • Extract the folder and run the setup.
  • Read carefully all the instruction and Complete the process of installation step by step.
  • Insert the activation key to make it useful for lifetime.
  • When installation process is finish it is installed successfully.
  • Now open the program and use it.
  • It is ready to use now.

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Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Crack Activator for Office & Windows [Working Keys]

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Crack + Final Activator Free Download

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Crack Activator for Office & Windows [Working Keys]

About Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Crack Final Version:

Microsoft Toolkit is one of the outstanding software that is use to perform different functions like manage to license, install, activating Microsoft Windows and office. It consists of different information that display in a window and easily allow it’s users to use and manage these information efficiently. It is very outstanding tool that contain extraordinary functions and gives best results. Through this software you can easily handle every windows functions. It provide different product keys to activate it. It also provide license backup so that user can easily take the backup of it’s data. It consists of different set of tools that helps a lot to it’s  users to perform different functions. It is easy to utilize while move towards another different windows. It can easily handle different functions of all the windows like Window XP, Windows Vista, 7,8,8.1 and Windows 10 as accurately.

Microsoft Toolkit Helps you to run any other software. If you want to run Microsoft Office than this software also help you in this way by providing you better platform and more better results. It has very strong and fast responsive features for licensing, distribution and activation of Microsoft Office and Windows. It provide activation permanent and lifetime. It is use to run your computer system very efficiently and responsively. It increase you PC’s performance. It  generate valid license key that is genuine in it’s use. It is very outstanding tool. It is very trusted activator that is use to activate different more tools in Window.It is mostly use by office users who work at home or as a professional. It provide more exciting functions which are use to perform different functions.

All the outputs of this software are exist inside the facts console. Every software or program needs activator that is use to activate that specific program of software. For Office and Windows activation an activator is used that is known as Toolkit. Microsoft or Windows can be activated by an activator that is called as Microsoft Office Toolkit. It is very efficient software that can perform and handle all the functions very easily. It is the best activator for Office and Windows. It is very useful. There are different system sets are available in Microsoft Toolkit that are use to manage license and activation of windows and also allow users to activate and setup all the general products of Microsoft along with Microsoft place of business. It make all programs more efficient so they gives more better and extraordinary results.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Activator For Win+Office:

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 crack is the latest version that provide you the latest and updated features about the Windows and Office. It is up-to-date and latest software. It support different latest activation versions which helps to activate the Windows that is latest. MS Toolkit is Windows and Office loader, developed to activate different Windows. When you install MS Toolkit it will gives you more easy platform which you can easily handle it. It is very powerful activator for Windows and Office. The activation process of Microsoft Toolkit is very smooth and easy. It gives unique and useful functions that are very easily handle. Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 crack activator is achieved through KMS Technology, that means Key management service and this mixture is use to set off the running machine. It provide new key through KMS server.

Microsoft Toolkit crack also has feature of setting up personalization that work for each and every system as well as for office. It customize all the information into one platform that is more convenient to use. It support all the new and latest functions and also handle these functions through different techniques and tools. Hence it solve several users problems related to the activation of any windows or Microsoft. It’s free of cost and also provide more functions in free version. It fully support it’s users to process or perform any of the task related to windows or Microsoft. When you install this software for your window firstly it understand the whole program and then workout on it and gives you different results. It perform full functions related to specific problem that you want to solve.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 Key Features:

  • It create the genuine version when you activate it.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is quick response software.
  • It provide permanent activation of Windows and Office.
  • It functions as as standalone which means it is very useful program.
  • It provide offline and online activator module.
  • It can easily support any of the window and MS Office version.
  • It also support Auto KMS and EZ activator segments.
  • It’s user interface is very attractive.
  • It provide activator web modules offline as well.
  • It provide more speed to activate the window.
  • It provide more security while working.
  • It also has a feature to inform about the toast and live tiles.
  • It is 100% virus free software.
  • It is open source software.
  • It gives more latest version and features while downloading process.
  • AutoKMS enables the Windows event log service if it’s miles disabled.

What’s New in Microsoft Toolkit crack?

  • It fully identifies the performance of the Windows naturally.
  • It perform all the functions very effectively.
  • This version is more secure.
  • It support offline and online activation mode.

Microsoft Toolkit Key {Working}:






System Requirements:

  • It can easily run on different Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
  • It require 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or higher.
  • There must be available 1 GB free disk space in the system to install it.
  • There should be available 1 GB RAM to install this tool.

How to Install Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.7 crack?

Follow these different steps to install this software successfully:

  • Click on the link that is given below.
  • Click on download button.
  • Wait for few minute to download it.
  • When it successfully download extract and run the program.
  • read and strictly follow all the instructions that are visible on the window.
  • Enter the key which require.
  • When the software is installed open it.
  • Use it’s all the  functions.
  • It’s Done!

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EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game Activation Key Free Download [Full Crack]

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game Activation Key + Crack Latest Version

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game Activation Key Free Download [Full Crack]

About EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game For PC:

Cricket is a very exciting and interesting game and can be very intense. For fans who would like to have a taste of what it is like to play this thrilling sport, EA Sports Cricket is here to give you just that and it is very players will definitely get to enjoy playing this game on the Cricket field like a real professional. Players can play tournament with each other. It is the most awaited game by thousand of cricket fans. Many new features are added in this version.

You’ll be amazed to see these features. Many user use this game from all over the world. The best thing of this version which will double your happiness is HD faces of all players. Now all the players have their original faces and original names. This Game Contains HQ textures which you’ll never find in any version of it. This game includes HD kits, logos, menu, stadiums, overlay, faces, etc. Another new and best thing in this game is teams. it has new international teams. These games includes Australia, England, Ireland, India, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Pakistan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Namibia, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Afghanistan. Furthermore, It has many advantages and disadvantages. Now many new teams are present in this version but Commentary is same like its previous versions.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Crack Full Version:

This game contain different stadium such as Melbourne, Sydney, Docklands, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, etc. New updated stadiums are Wellington, Auckland, Johannesburg, Cape Town stadiums. User can easily download this game and play it. in this game new players, new grounds, new kits, new player shapes and much more latest features are present. This Game contains all the tournament’s includes ICC world cup 2015, ICC Champions Trophy 2017, ICC t20 cricket world cup, IPL 9, Big Bash League 16-2017, Ram Slam etc. Now, multitude of game modes available in this version.

The three main modes are International, Exhibition, and Domestic. There is also a Net Training mode present. Exhibition mode offers international flair with the Cricket World Cup, World Series cricket, knockout tournaments, test series, and foreign tour as well as the Domestic cricket mode offers Australian state cricket, Full Season, and ING Cup. It allows you to create own full name. You can easily download from given link. Last but not least it the most amazing and interesting game if you install it in your PC, you will definitely enjoy it.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Key Features:

  • Different features are added in this version include Auckland replay mode, which shows the full action of the segment the gamer wishes to view; field position editors with auto or manual fielding option; 35 stadium layouts for English cities; Melbourne, and Cape Town.
  • It support English language.
  • International areas may be England, New Zealand, India and South Africa.
  • It is a realistic game-play which you can find in no game.
  • Now new kits are allotted to the teams which they use.
  • The best thing of this version which will double your happiness is HD faces of all players. Now all the players have their original faces and original names.
  • It has lifelike players and stadiums.
  • Now it has new international teams. These games includes Australia, England, Ireland, India, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Pakistan etc.
  • Day and Night Test matches are also present in this game.
  • This latest version has new tournaments like IPL, BBL, WC T20
  • Audio commentary is provided by Mark Nicholas and Rich Benaud is akin to radio or television quality.
  • Multitude of game modes available in this version. The three main modes are may be International, Exhibition, and Domestic. .
  • Net Training mode is also present.

What’s New Added in EA Sports Cricket 2018?

In the latest version, many new features are added these are;

  • Full control are available for PC players, now you can full control on game by keyboard and mouse. Keyboard control are more extensive.
  • Now players may pick which foot they use, direction, power, shoot and timing as well.
  • The soundtrack of this game offers music by Solamingus, Supertweeker, artists Felix Laband, Joshu, and Thievery Corporation.
  • This latest version can run in all operating system windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, vista, XP.
  • The latest EA Sports Cricket has added camera angles along with more brand-name equipment, realistic looking, and features.
  • If home teams are more to the player’s taste, then domestic teams can be created and played against each other.
  • International areas may be England, New Zealand, India and South Africa.
  • This software has made it world-relevant by allowing new, international teams and bonus squads.
  • You can also find lots to play and compete in with English county cricket, which has games like Full season, National League, C&G Trophy, and of course Twenty Cup.


  • This software Choose domestic or international team for play.
  • In this game Television broadcast focused play.
  • New teams are available in this version.
  • 35 stadium layouts are added in this game.
  • Tons of tournaments are also available in this software.
  • New broadcast and behind the batsman cameras are available.
  • This game last release with all-real player names.


  • Same Commentary like its previous versions.
  • Player graphics is not good.
  • In this game Some features required to upgrade.
  • This game does not offer much technical support to the games for longer time.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Activation Key:











EA Sports Cricket 2018 Key for Lifetime:






System Requirements:

  • This software runs in all windows such as window 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista and XP (64 bit).
  • It demands minimum 1.3 GHz processor.
  • DVD ROM drive required for installation of this software.
  • CPU must be  Core i3-2100, AMD Phenom II X4 965, Intel i3 6300T or equivalent
  • It requires 8 GB RAM for the installation of this software.
  • Direct X 12 is compatible for it.
  • Keyboard, mouse and dual analog controller are required for input.
  • Video card must be 512 MB.
  • At least 50 GB hard disk space is enough for it.
  • Internet connection must be required for the install and play.

How to install EA Sports Cricket 2018?

To install this software follow the steps which are given below:

  • Uninstall the old version if already present in your device.
  • Click on the download link of this software.
  • Download the link which is given below.
  • Wait, while download process will complete.
  • Save all the files of this program on your device.
  • Then run the setup.
  • Follow the instruction and complete the installation process.
  • Insert the activation keys for the activation of this process.
  • When installation is complete then click on finish button.
  • This process will take around few seconds.
  • All done.Now this software is ready to use.
  • Enjoy full version free of cost.

Download file from link given below;